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International Canine Festival Dobris 2019:

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Cane Codi-Fin (MAL)



Boui z Udoli Jizery (MAL)



Al Campo Graf Czech (MAL)



Casie Meggan Bohemia (MAL)


Ing. Tomas TAUBNER

D'Artagnan Lebensborn (MAL)



Agbar Meggan Bohemia (MAL)



Antrax Ostraryka (MAL)



Arris Meggan Bohemia (MAL)


Jaromír VACHA

Arrow Red Vixen (MAL)



Hill z Holykova (GSH)


Jaroslav VIDRNA

Challenger Pip Strazce klidu (RS)



Brit Vedusk (MAL)


Jarmila M. PALLOT

Atrei D'Amour Bedea (MAL)



Ero z Tresnaku (GSH)


The competition will be in the area of the football pitch - MFK Dobí is the sport ground with the grass surface of a good quality, the dedans and the big exercising ground. Directly in the area of the stadium there are two restaurants. This area affords the ideal background for this competition. The tracks will lie on the grass terrain around Dobí.
International Utility Dog Trial IGP 3
Czech Republic, in the town Dobris near the capital Prague
Judge Phase A - Mrs. Jitka JOZOVÁ (Czech Republic)
Judge Phase B - Mrs. Jitka DUFKOVÁ (Czech Republic)
Judge for long down - Mr. Karel HAVELKA (Czech Republic)
Judge Phase C - Mr. Berry KLEINHESSELINK (Netherlands)
The first part: Mr. Milan RIMEK (Czech Republic)
The long attack: Mr. Vladimir DRAGICEVIC (Srbsko)
The substitute: Mr. Vojtch FILIP (Czech Republic)
Schedule of the Competition:
3.00 - 6.00 p.m.
Attendance of the competitors and health take-over of the dogs
3.00 - 7.00 p.m.
Official training (3.00-3.30 training phase B, 3.30-4.00 training phase C, 4.00-4.30 training phase B etc.)
7.20 p.m.
The setup of helpers and "the white dog"
7.30 p.m.
Ceremonial commencement (without dogs) and drawing of the starting numbers


7.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.
Scoring of the events as per the specification of the competitions
8.00 p.m.
Party with music, dancing, rich banquet and raffle


7.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m.
Scoring of the events as per the specification of the competitions
4.15 p.m.
Accompanying program Dog Show (It was cancelled this year for a lot of competitors. I am sorry.)
5.00 p.m.
Closing ceremony
7.00 p.m.
Ending of the competition  
We draw your attention once again to the necessity to take part in the veterinary take-over of the dogs in the defined time. A dog which will not go through the veterinary take-over cannot participate in the competition!
The title CACIT will be awarded to the winner which gained the evaluation point in the competition for excellent or very good. The second one can gain precedence in the title Res. CACIT under the condition of fulfillment of the evaluation point. The same applies for individual breeds and titles CACT and Res. CACT. There is no right for the titles, they are awarded for the extraordinary quality performances presented during the whole competition.
This year we announce again Team Competition: you can (but you need not - Team competition isn't compulsory) form some three-person team to Team competition. Name your team (for example by your country, town, Cynology Club, Breeding kennel or present idea etc.). In the competition it will be included all 9 results on 3 disciplines. During the closing ceremony the winning team will be awarded price.
Organization team of the competition:
General manager: Mrs. Simona Kratochvílová
Marketing and promotion: Mr. Ing. Jaroslav Kratochvíl
Registration and webmaster: Mrs. Simona Kratochvilova
The office of the competition: Mrs. Zdena Görglova and Mrs. Ing. Gabriela Stara
The head master of Phase A: Mr. L ibor Louzek
The head master of Phase B and C:  Mr. Jiri Fryc
Any information is available on the following contacts:
+420 777 223 352, jaroslav.kratochvil@cacit.CZ
You can send Entry form by e-mail to the address:
List of competitors will be updated on this website.
Deadline of the Entry form and the entry fees:
till the 1st deadline - 1st June 2020 - payment 55
till the 2nd deadline - 25th July 2020 - payment 60 
If you want you can pay the entry fees when you will come to the place of competition. After the 2nd deadline or on the Entry inspection - payment 70 or 1700,- CZK
Bank: Fio banka a.s.
Account No. 2300373705/2010
IBAN: CZ2220100000002300373705
Account owner: CACIT o.s., Voznice 165, 263 01 Dobris, Czech Republic
Registered competitors who will not be able to participate in the race, (for example for health or other reasons) and will canceled by the deadline 1st June 2020 - part of the entry fee of 800 will be refunded. 800 CZK
In the event of cancellation of CACIT Dobris due to force majeure, part of the entry fee will be used to cover the costs already incurred.
General Conditions of the participation:
  • Only the dogs from the members countries FCI fulfilling the conditions of the participation in the competitions of the category IGP can take part in this competition.
  • In the category IGP 3 there is the condition the passed examination minimally IGP 2 (IPO 2) and BH.
  • All competitors are obliged to comply with the law of the protection of animals against cruelty throughout whole competition. It is strictly prohibited to use any corrective aids (spiked collars, electronic collars, etc.). All participants are also obliged to follow the rules of sportsmanship during whole competition. Violation of the above mentioned obligations will cause an immediate disqualification from the competition.
  • Every dog must be explicitly identified by the number or chip and must have the valid international passport of animal.
  • Only the competitors, who will send their applications before the date of the 2nd deadline, can take part in the competition.
  • Handler is responsible for all the damages caused by the dog. It is necessary to keep basic hygienic rules specially to clean-up after your dog(s)!
  • The organizer is not responsible for any injury, loss or death of dogs.
  • During whole event all owners/holders has to secure their animals to avoid mutual attacking or injuring people. They are also fully responsible for all damages/injuries caused by their not secured dogs.
  • The competitors have to follow the organizational instructions during the race.
  • Competitors have to take part in Closing Ceremony.
  • The maximal number of the competitors in a category is 54 (in exceptional case 60 competitors). In case the number of applications is higher the decisive is the date of the receipt of application by the organizer.
  • Protests: it is necessary to present the protest in writing before the termination of the scoring of the event and deposit the in the value of CZK 2000,- which forfeits when the protest is unjustified. Protests are allowed only from formal reasons against breaking rules and propositions. The judges order is final.
Veterinary conditions:
  • All the participating dogs has to be clinically health.
  • The dogs with cropped ears (not even for the health reasons) cannot be admitted to the competition.
  • In the international passport (vaccination certificate) there must be mentioned the valid vaccination against the following infection diseases: rabies.
  • All the competitors are obliged to come to the attendance and veterinary control as per the time schedule. We pay your attention once again to the necessity to take part in the veterinary control of the dogs in the defined time. A dog which will not go through the veterinary control cannot participate in the competition!
  • Bitches in the heat have to be reported during Presentation and has to be kept out of competition area and close surrounding areas and will be judged at the end of competition.
  • Pregnant bitches more then 4 weeks and bitches after the birth less then 8 weeks are excluded from the competition.
    Accommodation of the competitors:
    Further we mention the survey of the offers of the accommodation capacities in the neighborhood of the place of competition. The competitors secure the accommodation in these facilities individually on the mentioned contacts.
    In case you have the difficulty with the accommodation contact us and we will try to help you.
    Usedlost Veselka - Ritka
    Phone: +420 731 114 853
    Pension U Kasnych - Mnisek pod Brdy, Rymane
    Phone: +420 606 724 603
    Pension Novy Rybnik - Oboriste
    Phone: +420 724 858 626
    Pension Jindichv mlýn - Rybníky
    Tel.: 736 427 829
    Pension U tí statká - Dobí
    Tel.: 731 474 139
    Apartmány Audy - Mníek pod Brdy Rymán
    Tel.: 604 821 515, 737 128 420
    Pension Folbr - Dlouhá Lhota
    Tel.: 728 437 880, 723 449 840

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